Global overweight now at 2.2 Billion

A recent New England Journal of Medicine article tracked the global increase in overweight and obesity over time. It also highlighted the medical and health impact for mortality  by specific diseases. Roughly 30% of the world’s population is overweight. The increase is everywhere.

Certainly this is alarming. While the reasons for the increase are many, a recurring health policy theme is that fat people are either victims or lazy, irresponsible, unmotivated, uneducated people with no will power.

Blame doesn’t work. Duh! What is missing are personalized, science-based tools that help each person do a better job of figuring out what foods, supplements and beverages are a better match. New real time wearable devices are helping in this area. Digital Nutrition wants to add the power of genetics to this personalization process. Imagine being able to sort through food choices to pinpoint those that better match the way your genes actually work. This is the future, and we can make it happen now.


DNA Personalized Nutrition Makes Life Better

Everyone’s genetic makeup is what makes us all different. We look different. We think different. We behave differently. So why should it be a surprise that nutrients impact us differently. Anyone who’s tried to lose weight knows that the diet that works for our neighbor isn’t going to work for us.

Now imagine going to the store and using your mobile device to scan the product code on a food or supplement.  And imagine getting an instant score from 0 to 100 that tells you how close that products nutrient ingredients actually matches your DNA. Wouldn’t that make more sense than guessing? How much longer do you want to wander through the trial and error pain to find the best nutrition for you. For your children! For your parents! For everyone.

Because genetics creates differences in our metabolism, is anyone surprised that nutrition advice is all over the map. Watch the ads that promote products that solve our problems. Do they really believe that everyone will respond the same way to a food or supplement? Of course not. But that’s what they’re selling. One-size-fits-all. No wonder there is an obesity epidemic. No wonder we join gyms and then give up. It’s almost impossible to figure out what combination of nutrients works best for us. And more important, to pinpoint what nutrition plan produces the best results in performance, weight control, physical ability, and a happier life. One sign of the massive confusion is that Googling “weight loss plan” produces over 60 million hits. Try “fitness nutrition plan” and get 10 million hits. It’s chaos.

The new healthcare catch phrase is “personalized medicine.” Personalized medicine uses genetic data to better understand how to manage, diagnose, treat disease. But what’s ironic is that most of the spectacular discoveries in genetics are being ignored when it comes to improving everyday life for each person.

Digital nutrition will transform the diet and nutrition world. We will do this by using proven scientific discoveries showing how each person’s unique heredity impacts relates to how their body processes and uses nutrients. Our approach is straightforward. A cheek swab provides DNA material. A low-cost laboratory test identifies hundreds of genetic inputs to metabolism, neurology, physiology, and behavior. Mobile devices let you scan food and supplement product codes. The product codes are used to identify the types and amounts of nutrients in each food. Artificial intelligence algorithms compute how well a specific food or supplement actually matches the users DNA inputs.

Digital Nutrition will transform how we choose what we eat. Instead of guessing and hoping, each of us will have stronger insights into the best types and amounts of nutrients that translate to better life outcomes.