Global overweight now at 2.2 Billion

A recent New England Journal of Medicine article tracked the global increase in overweight and obesity over time. It also highlighted the medical and health impact for mortality ┬áby specific diseases. Roughly 30% of the world’s population is overweight. The increase is everywhere.

Certainly this is alarming. While the reasons for the increase are many, a recurring health policy theme is that fat people are either victims or lazy, irresponsible, unmotivated, uneducated people with no will power.

Blame doesn’t work. Duh! What is missing are personalized, science-based tools that help each person do a better job of figuring out what foods, supplements and beverages are a better match. New real time wearable devices are helping in this area. Digital Nutrition wants to add the power of genetics to this personalization process. Imagine being able to sort through food choices to pinpoint those that better match the way your genes actually work. This is the future, and we can make it happen now.

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